All the fun of the outdoor air


We had such a beautiful day performing in Victoria Park yesterday. Lots of friends, family and many park folk came and laughed and sang and danced.

We had lots of new members to our band yesterday. We had Ruby, our new youngest member, and Vicky on the djembe. Tom, from the Mingus E l a s t i c Band, played drums and we had a lot of fun on t’bandstand and off it.

We played lots of songs, from Bailava en Tetuan to Silver Raven and ended with Keep Wearing Purple (and, of course we should). Our own song, The Dogs of Alcibiades, written by Tom and Fiona, about walking through the park, playing in The Cabin and performing in a Hackney churchyard and a soaring version of Someone Like You, a heartbreaking ballad, written by our friend Neil Saye.

Our dancers were stunning in jewel-like costumes and scarves. There were red flowers, golden wings and flamey fans. Does the word ‘flamey’ exist? it does now.

Our special guests Mingus E l a s t i c Band were rockin and folk could hear them as their rock n roll vibe travelled through the wind and trees to the Victoria Memorial Drinking Fountain and beyond.

We celebrated Ferg’s birthday and the young and old partied like it’s …

Thanks for coming. Let’s do it again. Shkembe Soup.


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