Shkembe Soup is a troupe of musicians and dancers who perform a concoction of delicious live music and swirling dance. We bring you music and dance from around the world.  Let your ears be delighted by songs from Egypt, Hungary and East London and your eyes feast on swirling skirts and golden wings.  Join in clapping, singing along and dancing a kolo with us as we gallop through time and space from Medieval Morrocco to 1940s London via the deserts of Bohemia….. We sing, dance and play guitar, djembe drums, violin, mandolin, flute and more.

We love performing at festivals, parties,  pubs,, club evenings and fund-raising events. We regularly perform at MostArt Centre in Stoke Newington, the Royal Sovereign, in Clapton and around the East End of London.

Follow us on Twitter @shkembe_soup and Facebook @ShkembeSoup. Do get in touch and invite us to play at your event. shkembesoup@gmail.com


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