Forthcoming gigs


We are returning to Biddle Bros in east London as part of a monthly live music night every last Saturday of the month. Entry is always free. We are playing with two other bands, namely, Balamouk and Berber Diffusion.

Balamouk are a newly-formed 6-piece band playing upbeat gypsy/eastern European music. Led by Hungarian singer and violinist Agnes Branner, the group also incorporates acoustic guitar, double bass, percussion, clarinet and cello. Expect passionate, dazzling rhythms and beautiful, heartbreaking melodies!

Berber Diffusion create captivating Moroccan Berber/Amazigh music utilising traditional instruments, their impressive rhythms and spellbinding melodies conjuring the exotic and enticing sounds of the Sahara. Each time they play at Biddle Bros they never fail to get people dancing, not just on the floor but on the tables too!

Shkembe Soup is a troupe of musicians and dancers who perform a concoction of delicious Arabic, Turkish and Romani gypsy music with a rock & roll twist and swirling dance. The 12-piece band features djembe and darbuka drums, violin, mandolin, flute, accordion, guitar, recorder and vocals. The music is eclectic and vibrant, encompassing 14th century Andalusian songs, 80’s Arabic pop, songs from Egypt, Hungary and well-loved retro pop, rock and folk classics such as ‘Those Were The Days’ by Mary Hopkin and ‘Paint It Black’ by The Rolling Stones The dance performances are influenced by folk and belly dance from North Africa and Turkey, flamenco, skirt work, Hungarian Romany and jazz. Galloping through time and space, from medieval Morocco to 1940s London via the deserts of Bohemia, these mixes produce beautiful, expressive and vibrant dance forms. An explosion of joy, swirling skirts, melodies old & new, swishing tassels and powerful rhythms, Shkembe Soup are not to be missed!

Join us for the second edition of the Magical Balkan Music Night in Aid of Remembering Srebrenica charity. Get ready for an evening of music, dance and stories from Bosnia in aid of Remembering Srebrenica. There will be performances by Balamouk, Shkembe Soup and the Loli Grasniya dancing group, all dedicated to vibrant, diverse and irresistible rhythms of the Balkan, Gypsy, Klezmer and Eastern European music. If you are a fan of Balkan music already or if you would just like a new musical adventure – you can not miss it!

All the funds raised during the event will go directly to Remembering Srebrenica, a British charitable initiative committed to using the lessons from Srebrenica to tackle hatred and intolerance to help build a better, safer and more cohesive society for everyone in Great Britain. This year’s official theme of Remembering Srebrenica charity, ‘Bridging the Divide: Confronting Hate’, encourages us to focus on what unites us rather than what divides us. The magical music of the Balkans is the best representation of the beauty that lies within diversity. We invite you to come and find it out for yourself!

Balamouk – a small collective playing a mixture of upbeat, dazzling rhythms and beautiful, heartbreaking gypsy melodies from Eastern Europe. Shkembe Soup – a troupe of musicians and dancers who perform a concoction of delicious live music and swirling dance from around the world. Loli Grasnya is a dance group of five women united in a love of Romani music and dance. Come and join the celebration of diversity!

Golden Fionaa
Golden Fiona