May The Farce Be With You

We are performing two songs at this event on Wednesday 4th May 2016 at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. Here’s the details of this fabulous stellar evening.

Join us on International Star Wars Day for our 3rd Cabaret celebration of the world’s most popular sci-fi universe.

After our our first two events, hosted by – respectively – the Empire and the Rebels, our third outing will be an (uneasy) collaboration between both sides, held in the neutral space of Maz Kanata’s castle on Takodana, featuring a chance to hear representatives from both sides debate head-to-head for the first time ever in our galactic hustings.

Hosted by Tom Baker and Dominic Jones (as Admiral Gent and Admiral Akbar)

Starring –

Dusty Limits
This dark prince of the UK cabaret scene will be channeling Emperor Palpatine himself. Darkling, indeed…

Lilly Snatchdragon
Having wowed our first audience with her erotic take on Endor’s natives, Lilly returns with more Ewok Burlesque!

The Fabulous Bakewell Boys
These beleagured northern working men’s club Luchadors bring their trademark laconic wit, bad puns and wrestling chops.

Luce Lemons
One of our regular T’wilek girls, and the maker of Akbar’s mask, Luce will be taking to the stage with an illuminated hula hoop routine.

Carmen Mon Oxide
Diva, compere and all-round force of nature. High art culture meets low rent sci-fi in an operatic extravaganza.

Niki Stevens
Following her songs of unrequited intergalactic love from the previous events, Niki returns with another freshly penned Star Wars ditty.

Simon Lukacs
This fantastic character comedian, fresh from his triumph as an Alan Bennet-inspired Grand Moff Tarkin last time, is creating a brand new piece for our pleasure.

Shkembe soup
Gypsy/Arabic belly dance with a sci -fi Rock ‘n roll twist

Fred Snow
This absurdist comedian and notorious bandleader of the Top Shelf Band will incarnate as a certain notorious space smuggler.

‘Like Spike Milligan on MDMA’ (The List). Now a regular face on the London comedy circuit and at festivals including the Edinburgh Fringe, Cheekykita’s performance has been described as ‘part physical clowning, part Alan Partridge meets CBBC’ (Three Weeks). Chewie, we’re home indeed.

Plus live swing music from our house band The Rag Tag Rebels,
alien showgirls, and a fancy dress competition.

And Jar Jar in drag…


4 May the Force image
‘May The Farce Be With You’ image
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